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Bonfire 2004

We celebrated the end of the Hartford Fair with a bonfire and hayride. Paul pulled 2 wagons full of members and their families to a hill that overlooked Granville and Newark.

We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and drank a lot of pop. There were some games, marshmallow fights, and fun. We were joined by the archery club. Everyone had a great time even friends and siblings of our members.

Awards Ceremony

1st row; LtoR; Rachel S, Heather C. 2nd row; Sarah S, Taylor C, Michala V. 3rd row Chanel D, Jamie C, Kara R, Johanna V, Mikala G, Nina H. Back row; adviser, Paul Schulze.

Awards Ceremony

The members that were present at the 1st annual 4-H Fall Awards Banquet received many awards. Trophies, ribbons and certificates were visible everywhere.

The first ever awards banquet was a huge success. It was very organized and well planned. Lots of thanks go to the organizers and especially our advisers Paul and Sue Schulze for all their help.

Bowling Party

Several Members and their families attended the second annual Young Riders bowling party. Their were a few new people present that were either friends of members or looking to join the club. There was a short parents meeting where the status of changes to the point shows were discussed. The discussion focused on how it would affect the horseless, beginners and the greenhorns in our club. Everyone had fun!!! Story Title

:Licking County Horse and Pony Council The second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the 4-H extension office advisors, parents and some club members attend meetings that directly affect all changes and issues associated with 4-H horse clubs are discussed and often voted upon. Representatives from each club are expected to attend. If would like to get involved in these processes as a parent Paul would love for you to attend and have some influence on changes that are proposed and implemented.

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